Month Speaker IMF Monthly Newsletter
January The MyDrug Study (NCI-Match) Personalized Medicine Targeted Therapy January
February Dr. Arun Wiita – CRISPR - Impact on Myeloma Treatment February
March Lisa Simms Booth – Biden Cancer Initiative (Cancer Moonshot) March
April Nancy Bruno – IMF April
May Dr. Ailawadhi – Mayo Jacksonville May
June Brian McMahon - SparkCures June
July Lisa Quinlan, Physical Therapist – Balance and Neuropathy July
August Lillian Basadre - Celgene August
September Dr. James Hoffman, Sylvester Cancer Center September
October John Killip, D.D.S. – UMKC School of Dentistry – MMJP (Multiple Myeloma Journey Partners) Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (also living w/mm) October
November The Binding Site November
December Dr. Warren Brenner - Boston Myeloma Conference Recap December